Mum’s top 20 shortcuts

A study commissioned by kitchen, bathroom and bedroom retailer Bohen, found the average mum has quite a range of clever tricks up her sleeve to make life a little bit easier…

1. Freezing food to use later in the week
2. Use jarred sauces instead of home making everything
3. Laying out all clothes and school uniform the night before
4. Hang clothes up instead of ironing them
5. Use a pen to write their names on clothing and shoes, instead of sewing in name tags
6. Bribing the children with treats to get them to cooperate
7. Delegating household tasks to other family members
8. Shopping online for food instead of going to the supermarket
9. Using the ‘three second rule’ when dropping food on the kitchen floor
10. Using baby wipes to clean your children instead of always washing their face
11. Grating vegetables into food to ensure the children are eating their five a day
12. Using a bit of ketchup on foods the children don’t really like
13. Putting dry shampoo/putting a bit of talc on greasy hair to save you from washing it
14. Spray deodorant in smelly shoes instead of buying new ones
15. Spray furniture polish before guests arrive so they think that you have recently cleaned
16. Skipping bath time in favour of an extra bedtime story
17. Spray clothes freshener to get an extra day’s wear out of them
18. Using convenience food for breakfast so children can eat in the car
19. Icing bought cakes and pretending you made them
20. Getting children to do their homework in the car


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